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Who we are

Substance ÉTS: The Origin

Substance ÉTS is an interactive platform that allows the university’s graduate students, professors and researchers to post articles about their activities at the university, including academic studies, social experiences, research projects or involvement with industry. The articles are open to comments and discussion from local and international readers. Thus, the blog is a dynamic communications platform that promotes participation and dialogue with its online audience. The blog will offer students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies, engineers and other industry professionals a wealth of information about education and research. ÉTS hopes that the blog will generate conversation and act as a forum for the online community – especially those who may be interested in the university’s approach to graduate studies.

The Team

Publication Direction and Editor in Chief
Mario Dubois

Advice, Management and Content
Gino Bélanger

Scientific Edition
Darine Ameyed
Chantal Desjardins
Luis Felipe Gerlein Reyes
Anouer Kebir

Edition and Social Media
Claire Daniel

Anaïg Epie

MOOC Management
Liliana Guedez

For any questions, please contact us at substance@etsmtl.ca.